What is hiding in the basement?

Maria Grendal and her father Morten in conversation with Halvard Nordfjæran

34 - Byavisa, March 6th 2007

STJØRDAL: Maria Grendal (18) feels that she is never alone in her room in the basement. And she will soon find out that she actually isn’t.

The Grendal family lives in a house built in 1997 right outside the center of Stjørdal. Of the four family members, it is Marie who has felt an increasingly heavy atmosphere in the basement. Her feeling of discomfort has started to bother the rest of the family. She has heard sounds of someone on the stairs. Little things have disappeared.  ”Tarzan”, the family cat, stares at the wall for seemingly no reason.  It prefers not to be in the middle of the room but lies on the window sill. It all started in November 2004 when Marie developed sleeping problems. Clairvoyant Halvard Nordfjæran has been asked to try to find an explanation. As he comes into the living room, he says:
- My immediate impression is that there is something in the basement directly under the living room. I’ll go down and see. He returns after a while and tells us what he has observed.

- There is a woman sitting on the chest down there. I get the feeling that it has to do with gypsies. (She doesn’t have to be a gypsy – it seems more like she called herself a little gypsy woman as a joke.) She is dangling her legs and laughing and joking. She seems a little trampish and has also been sitting in one corner of the sofa.  I perceive the year 1872. First she said 1870. When I asked when she was born she thought about it and said 1872. Nordfjæran says that she seems to like being in the basement and that she is about 150 cm. tall. She is happy, cheerful and a little childish. The family is puzzled and wonder what connection this woman can have with a house built in 1997.
- She doesn’t have to have a connection with the house. It can be a relative or have a connection to something in the house. Perhaps the chest, suggests Nordfjæran. Mother Janne tells that the chest comes from her family in Hegra. The key has been missing for ages but the chest is supposed to be empty.
- When I’m in the basement it often feels as if there is somebody standing behind me.
Neither Morten nor Janne Grendal has noticed anything.

- It is often that one member of the family experiences more than the others. That can easily cause confusion, says Nordfjæran.
- Did you get a name?
- M. Could be Marie.
- Exciting. Yes, very exciting, says Morten. He is sitting on the edge of the sofa pillow.  Janne jumps up suddenly.
- Marie Lindgaard. That was my great-grandmother’s name – her maiden name was Løkken. She was my father’s father’s mother. Janne is very agitated and has to calm herself.  Nordfjæran says that he immediately felt shivers of truth when she told him this.  Janne calls an old aunt who knows the family’s history. She informs them that Johanna Marie Løkken was born May 12, 1873 and that she was short and thin, about 160 cm. and very kind. – She was called “Mamma Hegra” and ran a shop.
- Aha, it seems that she may have a connection with the chest, that it is it that brings her here. It is probably from her home, says Nordfjæran. He decides to go downstairs again.

- Indeed! When I came down she said: "Are you coming again?” and gave me a hug! Then she playfully ran away from me. Nordfjæran thinks that "someone” goes between the basement entrance door and the storeroom down there. 
- I don’t think it was a human creature but perhaps a "little person” – a goblin. He goes down again, this time to clear the air and change energies. He sits in the sofa, focuses his eyes and breathes more heavily. Standing, he clears the air in the hallway.  
I feel the energy fields crumbling, he says.  The séance continues as he heals the family. They sit in a ring while Hallvard Nordfjæran sees to it that they each get a refill of energy.
- I felt a chill down one shoulder, says Marie afterwards. Janne noticed a cold shiver in her legs.

In conclusion, Nordfjæran says:
- Many are not ready to go over to the light. I try to make them understand that that is the path for them. Many who die a sudden death, for example, stay here. Some are assisted by dead relatives to move on but they all have a will of their own. People are exactly the same personality-wise on the other side. I don’t believe in life after death or an earlier life. I know it, he says.

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