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33 - Byavisa February 20th 2007

V: Knut Jegersen | 20.02.2007

STJØRDAL: Line Woldmo (22) runs a skincare clinic in Kirkeveien 6. Since she opened her clinic there in 2005 she has heard strange noises and felt that she wasn’t alone even though she knew she was.
This feeling is especially strong in the treatment room, says Woldmo, the owner of Stjørdal Skincare Clinic. While standing in the small kitchen at the back of the house, she has heard someone opening the front door. The sound is not the same as the squeaking of the front door but there is no other door.  

- In the kitchen, I feel someone watching me. When I go outside for a cigarette, I feel that someone is watching me from a second-floor window. I feel something every day I’m here.

During treatments, she plays music on a CD-player which stands on the stairs in the hallway. It turns itself off. Several new CD’s skip while they’re playing. She tried to spend the night in the room but had to give up after a short time – I couldn’t stand the smothering feeling. Only the first floor in the house is in use.

Halvard Nordfjæran has not been told about the incidents in the house. He consequently requests that he be told as little as possible before acting as a clairvoyant. Nordfjæran takes a tour of the house on his own to get a feeling of the atmosphere and possible spiritual activity.
- I have to be very critical of the places I visit. I might even be too critical and create unnecessary blockages – but there is such a fine line between fantasy and reality, he says and tells us that he can feel something in the middle of the floor in the entrance.
- It is not necessarily a spirit – it could be an energy field. In Slettekroken where I lived before we had an energy field in the barn. And then he gives us the first piece of information:

On the second floor, I saw an older woman climb the stairs and go to the room farthest down the hall. I received the year 1977, that she lived her until then. And then moved to the old peoples’ home. She is lonely but calm. She is bored. I can feel her sorrow over having lost a child. She let herself be led to the other side without hesitation. At the same time I can feel the energy of a child in the house.

Next impression:
- A strong, somewhat dominating man has also stayed here. He is sitting in the corner of what is now the treatment room smoking a pipe. The chair is by the bookshelf behind the counter. He is nicely dressed, old-fashioned perhaps from the time of the war. He says that people must be kinder and listen to what is said. He may also have liked to joke – he looks rather sly sitting over there now.  

Line Woldmo asks if Nordfjæran can feel anything in the kitchen. The kitchen door won’t close. It has put up more and more resistance every week.
- My arms get warm when I try to close it, she says.


Halvard Nordfjæran sits beside the door to ”change energies”.
Barely 10 minutes later, Woldmo tries to close it again.  
- That’s strange! she exclaims and says that the door feels much lighter. Nordfjæran does not reject the idea that someone or something did not want the door closed.
- Where the woman is concerned, I get up the letter B – it is something that starts with B. The man is more remote and not very communicative. Byavisa Stjørdal’s reporter wonders if Nordfjæran can ask him who Norway’s Prime Minister was in his time.
- Einar Gerhardsen, is the answer.
The man is more remote than the woman. Nordfjæran is not quite sure if he is a ”ghost” or if he receives energy from the house that reveals itself as pictures. Woldmo and Nordfjæran are curious to find out how the information compares to historical facts. Nordfjæran is just training to be a clairvoyant and is unsure how ”finely tuned” his frequency is. He has, therefore, only tried a few such jobs so far.

Byavisa Stjørdal contacts Stjørdal History Association’s secretary, Alf Erik Albrechtsen. He gives extensive information from a street wandering arrangement a few years earlier. (See frame below) Albrechtsen tells about Nils Langseth who had a barber shop here from 1964 to 1975. Langseth remembers that an elderly widow, Marie Jacobsen, lived there after he closed his barber shop.  
- She was like a mother to me, the kindest person I had ever met, says Langseth. At that time the house had two entrances and two large showcase windows.
Here we find a connection between historical facts and perception. Woldmo has often heard an invisible door opening and closing. There was actually another door before the front of the building was changed. Langseth tells that one of the couple’s grandchildren,  Asbjørn Jacobsen, lives in Stjørdal.

We don’t give anything away when we call Jacobsen, but ask general questions about the history of the house and the time his grandparents lived there. He tells us that his grandfather,  Martin B. Jacobsen, died in 1960 at the age of 80. My grandmother was born in 1888 and died in 1978 after having lived alone in Kirkeveien 6 for almost18 years.
Asbjørn was very close to his grandmother whose full name was Marie Bergljot (!) Øian Jacobsen. Nordfjæran picked up a name starting with B.
- She fell and broke her thigh bone while she was in the convalescent home. The following operation was too much for her. She died in March 1978, says Asbjørn Jacobsen who thinks she was put in the convalescent home in 1977.
Nordfjæran picked up the number 1977. This was also about a woman who lived alone during her last years. Four hits.  

Asbjørn Jacobsen tells about a family of eight children who grew up in the house plus a boy who died at birth. Nordfjæran commented this.
The couple ran a café for several years. Jacobsen remembers that his grandmother gave of the little she had to others.  
- She was very helpful and made small packages for people whom she knew weren’t well off. We ask Jacobsen if his grandfather smoked a pipe.
-Oh yes, Grandfather sat with his stiff collars and smoked a pipe. I was often sent out to buy tobacco. He sat in a special chair that he bought at an auction. Grandmother used to sit in it after he died. Nordfjæran had seen an older well-dressed man sitting in a chair smoking a pipe.

- What was your grandfather like as a person?
- During his active years he was quite an extrovert who enjoyed a joke and he was often well dressed. When he got older he became more quiet and mild. Einar Gerhardsen was Prime Minister in Norway during four periods from 1945 to1965. Seventh hit – seven of seven. When we told Jacobsen at the end of our conversation that the information he had given us corresponded with the notes we already had made, he exclaimed:
-That is fantastic. I have to digest this for a while.
Something which perhaps others will also have to do.

 Hard facts:
Ursmia (Kirkeveien 6)
1886: The house was built by Ole Moe from Meråker who had a business in Chicago until the big fire in 1871. He became a clockmaker after he returned home and later moved to Mosjøen. The Swede, Johan Reinhardt Carlsson, took over the building where he ran the district’s first store with ”shock prices”. Ursmia is the first house in Stjørdal built in Swiss style.

1911: A café was established by Oleanne Weiseth with sale of rømmegrøt (sour cream porridge), cigars and sweets among other wares. Up through the years there have been many businesses and trades in the building – barber shop, video rental, flower shop, drivers’ school, etc. The original front had 2 doors and mouldings. House-painter Jacobsen and his wife moved in and gave the world 9 children. Widow Marie Bergljot Øian Jacobsen moved out in 1977. Today the building is owned by Rørteknikk and is rented by Stjørdal Skin Care Salong.
(Source: Stjørdal Historielag)

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