If you are not familiar with healing / distance healing from past I advise you to read the most common questions you will find answers to in the FAQ. If you still have any questions please go to the contact form and send me your questions. If you want individual healing fill out the contact form and send me. Then I will contact you and tell you about when I can start individual healing for you.

I make Distance Healing in a meditative state and the distance from me to you means nothing. You can be in the house next door or on the other side of the earth. Healing takes place on the spiritual plane where time and space do not exist. I make no remote healing over the telephone or Skype but when I sit in peace and quiet in a meditative state when it goes deeper and is more powerful than when I talk to you.

To receive Distant Healing, you do not need to do anything. If you want, you can find a quiet place without interference possibly somewhere outside and just relax without worrying about the healing. Turn off the phone, television and other sources of noise. You can play soft music if you like. The more you focus on any reactions the more you can block. Reactions necessarily not come during the session however; they can come up to several hours / days afterwards. I suggest you to read about reactions here.

The Healing will come to you when it suits you and it will often be in the night when you are asleep. The Healing energy has its own intelligence to do what is necessary and when it suits you.

How many times you need is individual, some may feel improvement after one time, others after a week or two. If you do not feel anything, it does not mean that you are not receptive. If you have chronic ailments or have had complaints over a longer period it will usually take longer time to regain balance, and not everyone is equally sensitive to what is happening in their body. Four weeks or 20 times you should try before you possibly think of giving up, some even more. If within 20 times you feel a change or an improvement you should continue, if you are not already healthy. Best results will be achieved if you hold on to the reactions cease or until you are well. You can also prevent disease if you feel unwell.

When you sign up enter your name, date of birth, place / city and country where you live.

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