Unexplainable events on the farm

37 - 2003

I live on a farm in central Norway where we, for a long period of time, were 4 generations living in a 2-storey main house plus a nearby annex.  The “old lady” lived on the second floor. When we moved in 12 years ago, I noticed that the light bulbs needed to be change rather frequently but thought nothing of it. During the same period my 6 year old son was afraid to go to bed. He thought he saw things that we others didn’t see and insisted that the door to his room remain open. We others didn’t notice anything special.

When the old lady died 4 years ago, we started to renovate the house and got, among other things, new “touch” lamps on the night tables. My lamp started turning itself on just as I was falling asleep. This made me nervous and I developed sleep problems since I was often awakened by the lamp being turn on. After a time, I felt someone touching me as if to wake me and someone crawling around me in the bed like children do. On one occasion when my man was away I took the cat to bed with me because I didn’t like to sleep alone. Then I was awakened by somebody crawling around me and I thought it was the cat – but the cat was curled up and sleeping peacefully.

I started to wonder if it was ”little Martin” who came to me – he was the son of the old lady. He died in a tragic accident when he was little. Maybe he didn’t know that he was dead? Maybe he missed his mother who was now gone? -  I have learned to use the pendulum and asked if it was little Martin who came to me. The pendulum gave an affirmative answer.

As time went on my two teenaged children also noticed things – especially in the hallway. My zapper started beeping for no reason (an electronic device with batteries used for alternative therapy). It was in a drawer in an old chest-of-drawers and hadn’t been used for a long time. It gives off a loud beep when activated. My daughter was standing beside the chest-of-drawers and was quite startled. We have a cordless house telephone in the hallway. One May 17th (Norway’s Constitution Day) the telephone started to plink continuously – the sort of signal  that is heard when you place the phone in the charger – but it was already in the charger! My son heard this first. We had to pull out the plug to get some peace. “Little Martin” was also blamed for this ... but we found it puzzling that he managed to keep track of special days...

Once when my husband’s parents were on holiday, the children and I heard a far-away ringing sound. It turned out to be their alarm clock. They live in the old lady’s apartment on the second floor but had been gone for a week so it was strange that the clock suddenly started to ring in the middle of the day. It occurred to me that the old lady had died in that room but I found it hard to believe that she “was still there”. She was very religious and ready to die – she was old and tired of living.  My parents-in-law noticed nothing but my son, who’s room was next to theirs, once again had sleeping problems. He said he felt that he was no longer alone there.

It was a long time before we others noticed anything up there – but my parents-in-law were also away the next time it happened. It was the middle of the day and I was standing on the stairs talking to my daughter who also has her room on the second floor. Suddenly I heard footsteps in the upstairs hallway and I could hear that it was a man. I thought at first that my son was up there but he wasn’t. I ventured up to see if there were unwanted guests up there and saw that my in-laws’ bedroom door was open. (They ALWAYS close the doors.) I thought it might have been a draught but the windows were closed. I got an uncomfortable feeling that the footsteps I heard were those of a man and not “little Martin”- and I didn’t like it. A little later my daughter was sitting in the kitchen which is directly under this room when she suddenly heard a loud noise from above as if someone had upset some furniture. We were both quite scared – there was nobody up there! Nobody dared sleep upstairs that night.

On one occasion our cat was locked in the attic. My father-in-law heard her crying and meowing – she had perhaps been there for several hours. In any case she was very happy to be set free – she has never meowed so loudly neither before nor after.

I had my worst experience last summer. We had guests – a family of 5 – so I slept in a room in the attic. I noticed that there was a lot of movement n the house during the night but assumed that it was just somebody up for a trip to the bathroom. Then I was awakened at 5 o’clock by a loud, strange  rumbling above me. It sounded like thunder but it’s hard to describe. Neither wind, rain nor birds make such sounds and thunder it was definitely not. Then I heard footsteps again, they stopped right outside my door. I just KNEW that it was a man and that he stood and wondered if he should come in to me or not. He stood there a good while, I heard the floor creaking – I was very scared, of course, and pulled the covers over my head. Somehow, I managed to fall asleep again. I checked with the others when I got up – nobody had been up during the night. Our friend, who slept on the first floor , had heard lots of noise during the night but none of the others had heard anything. This was beginning to be unnerving.

Something had to be done, so I contacted Halvard Nordfjæran for help. I was quite anxious when he came...  Maybe we were just imagining things. He stopped in the hall and said: “There’s an old man with a moustache and a pipe sitting there.”  He was sitting in a chair I had inherited from my mother’s family. It belonged to my great-grandmother’s sister and was very old. The man who had come with the chair was a good man. There were only good energies on the first floor, said H.N. He also found good energies on the second floor in my parents-in-law’s bedroom. “I’d almost say there is an angel her”, he said. I suddenly understood that it was the old lady who was still there looking after us – she was a woman with a big heart.
Up in the attic, H.N said that there was a man near the chimney pipe right outside the door to the room where I had had the worst experiences. “He’s standing there laughing at me – he is not good,” said HN. He found that there was energy all along the attic where material from the old main building on the farm had been used. It had been torn down in the 60’s. It was probably the earlier owner of the farm – that explained the heavy footsteps I had heard. I must add that there had been tragic occurrences on the farm around the time the new owners took over.
HN sat alone in the attic for some time while he ”cleaned” the house. I also received healing. I was advised to not think so much about ”little Martin” and to try and let him go. Shortly afterwards I became very tired and laid down on the sofa to rest. Just as I was about to fall asleep I felt somebody/something crawling around me. This had never happened on the sofa before. It was most likely “little Martin” – I tried to talk to him in my thoughts and asked him to go towards the light. And that was the last time “little Martin” visited me.

After HN’s visit it was quieter in the house but then it became worse and worse. Out on the farm  everything went ”haywire”... equipment that was practically new suddenly refused to work – my husband almost wore himself out – lamps both outside and inside became seemingly defect. Later they proved to be completely functional. Light bulbs had to be changed constantly – sometimes they exploded when we turned on the lamps. According to my pendulum, the man in the attic was still there and I didn’t like that! I felt that he was there to bother me – to drive me mad – and that was a very uncomfortable feeling. I felt I was being invaded.
My son also heard footsteps in the attic – it sounded as if someone was rummaging around up there. It was especially bad one night when we had a storm with sleet and wind. My son came downstairs and wanted to sleep in the living room – he couldn’t sleep because of the noise up in the attic. (I hadn’t mentioned my scary experiences in the living room.) Suddenly something banged against the window in the veranda door beside us. Several times. It was as if someone threw hard snowballs against the door. But there were no snowballs when I looked out – only wet marks on the window. It was crazy.
The feeling that this man did not wish us well got stronger and stronger and I contacted HN again. This time he “cleaned” the house from a distance. When he sent me an SMS where he wrote: “ I think he is gone now – I have been there” – something strange happened. I felt a wave of relief flow over me- it was very strong, almost physical. I felt a feeling of relief – and ever since then everything has been fine. We have a normal use of light bulbs, no explosions, electrical equipment works as it should, no footsteps or strange sounds – and the horrible feeling of being invaded is gone. The house feels warmer too. It’s fantastic! Now we dare to sleep in our rooms with the lights off.... My pendulum confirms that “the man in the attic” is gone.  HN believes that he had very strong ties to the farm and had difficulty letting go. THANK YOU to HN who helped us!  J

Greetings from a woman on the edge.......

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