Yes, I can stop bleeding

Yes, I can stop bleeding. Wounds stop bleeding at my command. I know the secret but will never reveal it. It will be buried with me. Petter Nistad pushes his cap up on his forehead and gives us a steely gaze under bushy eyebrows and says: - Believe me, I'm not joking. I have stopped haemmorrhaging. Saved many lives. It's the God's truth. Doctors have come to me and asked me to show them how to do it. But my answer is No!

Adresseavisen, 14.06.1980

Petter Nistad, aged 84:

He sits thoughtfully for a long time without saying a word. Twists his mustache between rough, knotted fingers. Then he says:

-It was my grandmother who taught me to stop bleeding. I was fourteen years old. She chose me to carry on the family tradition. Nobody else was told the secret. I had to promise, and I did so willingly, that I would never tell anyone except a family member whom I deigned worthy to take over after me. I've kept my promise. Unfortunately, I have never found a family member with the capabilities to stop bleeding. The secret will, therefore, die with me.

Petter Nistad, aged 84 years, gives many examples of cases where he saved lives by stopping bleeding. This was more common before, especially in the days when tuberculosis and consumption raged over the country like a plague. The tubercles gnawed holes in the blood vessels in the lungs caused haemorrhaging.
-In such cases, I often commanded the bleeding to stop. And it stopped. But I must add: - Stopping the bleeding was not a cure for the disease. It went on but I prevented these unfortunate people from being choked by their own blood.

Since then, Nistad has stopped bleeding caused by ulcers and he has stopped bleeding in cases where arteries have accidentally been severed. The wounds stopped bleeding immediately, he claims.

-Do you say a formula when you stop bleeding?
-I won't answer that. But I will say that it has something to do with my personal concentration.
-Do you seek help from good or evil powers?
-From good powers.
-Do you understand that it's hard for us to believe any of this?
-I am aware that many people don't believe in the stemming of blood. This doesn't matter to me because I know that I can stem blood. Why do doctors come to me to learn my secret? If they don't believe, why do they want to learn?
-Do you have to be with the patient? Touch him?
-No, I can stop bleeding via telephone. I have done it many times.
-Do many people contact you?
-Yes, many.

Petter Nistad lives in Høstad, Byneset but is originally from Frosta. He was a blacksmith and a wharf builder as his father was before him.

-My father and I built the best wharves in Trøndelag. It was hard work. Enormous poles had to be carried and put into place. We used an iron weight that weighed 200 kg to put the poles in place.

The farm that Nistad bought in 1916 in Byneset was sold a long time ago. After he took over the farm he replanted the trees which had been cleared by the previous owner. The woods grew quickly and he was able to use his own lumber to build houses for himself and his son who lives in Sparbu. This was in 1958.

After Nistad sold his farm he continued working as a blacksmith and a carpenter. - I grew up beside the anvil, he says, and I just can't free myself from it.

Nistad can do more than stop bleeding. He is also interested in herbal medicines - for his own health's sake. He makes tea from horsetail plants and dandelions and takes a sip once in a while.

-That keeps me healthy, he laughs hitting his thighs with his fists and laughing like a happy, young horse.
-People don't believe in herbal medicine either. I get the impression that they don't believe in anything. Take, for example, the simplest remedy for hiccups. Just put a few drops of vinegar on a sugar cube and zip! The hiccups are gone. Try it!
-No, it's a pity that I haven't found a family member who is suitable to learn to stem blood. It's a real pity. I've searched high and low but haven't found anyone. And soon it will be too late. I'll have to take the secret with me wherever I go ….

When this interview took place, Petter Nistad didn't know about me. My mother, who was Petter's cousin, kept the newspaper clipping and showed it to me when I came home for my summer holidays. We paid Petter a visit one weekend. A few days later, he phoned me and said he wanted me to come and visit him alone. He then told me that when he shook my hand that first time he could feel that I had the same abilities as him. And so he taught me how to stem blood. That was in July 1980.

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