Calcification disappeared

1982 - 1983

“It was also very exciting when a woman came from Horten with a large calcification. She had had pain in her right arm and shoulder for seven years. She had X-rays taken at Horten hospital, which showed a large calcification in her shoulder. The doctor said she would have to endure this calcification for the rest of her life. She received cortisone injections, radiology ­treatments, physiotherapy and acupuncture, but the pain persisted. She had several X-rays taken over that seven-year­ period, including on 20 October 1982, which showed that the calcification was unchanged. Her first appointment with me was on 30 November 1982. She told me she had no faith in healing, but she had tried so much that she might as well try healing too. During the treatments, she felt a little warmth in the shoulder, and then some pain down her arm. During the seventh treatment, she wanted to give up because her arm was too painful. She did not think it was any help anyway. That was very stupid, I thought. As she had experienced reactions during and after the treatment, something must have happened. The X-ray clearly showed calcification, and what if it had disappeared? Then I would have clear proof that it is possible to remove calcification ­with healing. On this basis, I offered her some free treatments. After the tenth treatment the pain eased. On 15 February 1983, she went to Horten hospital for new X-rays. And to her astonishment she saw that almost all of the calcification was gone. She came back for three more treatments; after which she was healthy.”


The picture on the left shows the large calcification very clearly. The picture on the right shows that after ten treatments there is only some debris left. This disappeared after the final three sessions.


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